Tamarillos: tips from growing to harvesting the tree tomatoes

Tamarillos: tips from growing to harvesting the tree tomatoes

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Delicious sweet and sour tasting tamarillos (tree tomatoes) are still relatively unknown to us. But if you want to grow them, we have some tips for you.

Tamarillos taste sweet and sour

The evergreen tub plants, which are an average of two meters high, are happy to astonish their viewers. After all, the tree tomatoes grow up to 7 meters high in nature. Even in multi-storey conservatories, they can easily reach this height and, because of their large leaves, they often serve as perfect shading plants.

The tamarillos are now much better known in gourmet restaurants. They are happy to be served with cheese or to refine an exotic salad. The mostly quite hard skin either has to be removed or the pulp is lifted out with a dessert spoon. But here are our tips from growing to harvesting the delicious tamarillos.

Cultivation of the tamarillos

For growing the tree tomato, you can buy seeds in the garden center. Small specialist Tamarillo trees are also often offered in specialist shops.

But if you have now decided to grow seeds, you must sow the seeds in nutrient-rich, well-moist soil (use small pots) and cover them minimally with soil. You should then let the seeds germinate in a warm, shady place. However, you should keep the soil evenly moist during germination. The best thing to do is simply use a sprayer.

" Tip:

Cover the pots with colored, slightly air-permeable plastic film until the first seedlings can be seen. As soon as strong plantlets have formed, you can then transfer them individually into small pots. From this point on, you should use earth that is as clayey as possible.

Care of the tamarillos


The first years, tamarillos grow into a beautiful, evergreen tree plant. They only blossom from the age of 3, from which the delicious berry fruits also emerge. With the growth, you now have to transplant the tree tomatoes regularly into larger pots.

" Tip:

If the plants are cut off from a certain trunk height, they can branch out from there and the growth is restricted somewhat according to the room height.

Water supply:

When it comes to watering tree tomatoes, you have to orientate yourself to the prevailing weather conditions on site. Basically, the Tamarillos do not tolerate any waterlogging. Constant moisture in the pot is absolutely okay for the tree tomatoes.

The basic rule is:

Provide plenty of water on hot days (sometimes even water several times a day), but water only moderately in winter.


During the summer months you can also put the tamarillos on the balcony or terrace. If you want, you can even repot them outdoors. However, you should always choose a sunny, wind-protected location for this.

Protection in winter:

In winter, the tree tomatoes take a break from vegetation. During this time, you should continue to place the tamarillos in a location flooded with light - temperatures of around 5 degrees are sufficient.


Furthermore, you should supply Tamarillos with low-nitrogen fertilizer once a month from spring to summer. Pure greenhouse plants should be fertilized every 3 weeks. Cactus fertilizer is best suited for the tamarillos.

Harvesting the tamarillos

Depending on the location, tamarillos even produce fruit all year round, which is why there is no real harvest time in our climes. Ripe fruits can be recognized by their deep red skin. Yellow, orange and purple tamarillo varieties are also available. Its shape resembles the elongated Roma tomato, although it is much smaller.

" Tip:

If you have harvested the tamarillos too early, then this is not a problem at all. They ripen easily in a small bowl.

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