5 delicious nettle recipes presented

5 delicious nettle recipes presented

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The nettle is not only good for drainage, it also tastes really good. Just try our nettle recipes.

Nettles can also taste really good

Like many other plants, nettles are commonly considered to be pure weeds, which is why many nettles fight. Although young nettle plants in particular can be optimally used as extremely healthy food. Which is why we would like to introduce you to several nettle recipes at this point. But before we do that, you should first learn about how to properly harvest nettles.

Harvest nettles correctly

Generally, you should always harvest young, freshly sprouting nettle leaves from the often rapidly spreading discounts. Then wash these leaves thoroughly, drain them in a sieve and then try one of the following recipe ideas.

5 delicious nettle recipes presented

Recipe No. 1 - nettle salad:

The tender nettle leaves are usually used as a delicate addition in a colorful salad plate. Served with a conventional vinegar and oil salad dressing, refined with lemon juice and aromatic herbs. These few ingredients are enough to create a healthy and tasty salad.

A nettle salad also tastes very fine with cream dressing or yogurt dressing.

Recipe No. 2 - nettle tea:

For the nettle tea, you first have to dry the fine leaves (which makes them long-term) and then pour them with hot water. You can then let the tea steep for up to three minutes and enjoy it sweetened with sugar.

Recipe No. 3 - nettle spinach:

Nettle spinach also tastes really delicious. When making nettle spinach, be sure to remove the firm petioles before cooking. Then bring a pot of water to a boil, add the leaves loosely and simmer gently for about 15 minutes.

After the cooking process, you must strain the leaves using a sieve, put them in a pan with melted butter and lightly salt. Depending on your taste, you can also add a finely chopped onion to the spinach.

Bring the spinach to the boil for a further 15 minutes, stirring constantly, and refine with a little fresh cream shortly before serving. It tastes really delicious!

Recipe No. 4 - Nettle Pesto:

You can also make a very tasty pesto from nettles. It's not even that difficult. Simply do the following:

First of all, you need to wash the nettle leaves and pat them dry. Then roast the pine nuts in a pan, chop the cloves of garlic (depending on your taste) and dice the parmesan cheese. Now put everything together with sea salt in a mortar and crush the whole thing until it becomes a pulpy mass. Then pour this into a small glass and fill up with oil until a nice creamy paste is created.

Recipe No. 5 - nettle soup:

In many gourmet restaurants, the seasonal menu is often enriched with a nettle soup. This often consists only of a mixture of nettle leaves and potatoes, which is spiced up with fresh herbs and / or carrots. Such a soup is very easy to boil. As a basis, you simply have to take a potato soup and then refine it with nettle leaves, herbs and carrots.

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