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Plant garden cress - this is how it's done

Plant garden cress - this is how it's done

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There are some herbs that shouldn't be missing in any kitchen. This includes e.g. the garden cress. Find out here how you can easily plant garden cress yourself.

Garden cress can even be planted by children

The garden cress, which is rich in vitamin C, ensures permanent freshness in the kitchen because it can be grown and harvested all year round - either in the garden or on the windowsill.

Growing garden cress is therefore also recommended for small hobby gardeners. You can easily introduce your children to gardening with the cress. Due to the mostly consistently good growth of garden cress, you will surely find it fun quickly!

Cultivation of garden cress

Garden cress is sown in the form of fine seeds. Suitable for sowing is fine garden soil in the vegetable patch or herb garden, a small window bowl filled with little soil or a flower pot, but also bare kitchen paper.

To grow cress on kitchen paper, you only need to moisten two paper towels (possibly lay out in a decorative glass bowl). Then spread the cress seeds evenly with a teaspoon and let them germinate.

" Tip:

Cut out kitchen paper as a motif and sow cress on it! This can be used to create a very peppy table decoration within a week.

As it grows, be careful not to let the kitchen paper dry out. This also applies if you use soil for growing cress. You must also keep them moist at all times.

Harvest garden cress

After a week you can already harvest the slightly hot tasting garden cress. For this purpose, like many other herbs, you have to cut the cress with scissors underneath the fine leaves as needed. Then spread on salads, breads, in homemade herb curd, on potato dishes, etc.


If you only harvest part of the fresh cress, then you should continue to provide the remaining plants with water for about 3 to 4 days (do not create waterlogging) and then also harvest.


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