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Climate in the greenhouse - 4 tips

Climate in the greenhouse - 4 tips

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In order for plants to thrive, it is important that you always keep a good climate in the greenhouse. Read here how to create a good climate.

Provide good ventilation

A greenhouse ensures a long-term, extremely profitable harvest of fruits and vegetables. But also for a wonderful cultivation of flowers and tub plants. In addition, a greenhouse serves as a wintering place for exotic plants that cannot remain outdoors in our climate zones on cold days. Why you have to make sure that the climate in the greenhouse is always optimally adapted to the prevailing weather conditions outdoors. The following tips will show you how to achieve this.

Climate in the greenhouse - 4 tips

Tip 1 - heating system
If plants hibernate in your greenhouse or you grow new plants very early in the year, then your greenhouse should definitely have a frost guard (available here), or even better, an integrated heating system. Ideally, special greenhouse heaters should be automatically adjustable via a thermostat, e.g. Circulating air heating systems for greenhouses, with which uniform temperatures can be achieved in the greenhouse.

Petroleum heaters that disseminate uneven heat in the greenhouse are less suitable. Although they are often offered as a heating system for greenhouses.

Tip 2 - shading
The shading of a greenhouse is urgently necessary, especially in intense sunlight, so that the plants inside do not burn, Either roller blinds and / or blinds are suitable for this, which can be attached on the inside or outside using special mounting systems. You can also roll out raffia mats or plastic mats, or a garden fleece for shading along the roof surfaces.

Tip 3 - ventilation
Plants should of course never be exposed to direct drafts. However, a pleasant indoor climate should always prevail in a greenhouse. Which is why you should install a large, wide-opening door - in the case of large greenhouses also two doors on both ends.

It is even better if you also integrate windows or skylights in the greenhouse that you can easily put in a tilted state. Alternatively, you can also install a special greenhouse fan (available here) in one of the outer walls (preferably at gable height).

Tip 4 - humidity
An automatic irrigation system in the greenhouse usually ensures high humidity, which a large part of the plants clearly prefers. On top of that, a water inlet in the greenhouse makes it easier to irrigate the plants.