How does the moon affect the garden?

How does the moon affect the garden?

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Numerous gardeners swear by the moon and only garden at certain times. If you too believe in the power of the moon, you should read on here.

For decades people have known that the moon determines their lives and numerous gardeners swear by the moon and only garden at certain times. The moon mainly refers to the completion of the individual work. So individual gardening should only be carried out at certain times of the moon. The lunar calendar, too, is devoted to gardening with various symbols, referring above all to the best periods for sowing and planting a wide variety of ornamental plants.

Tip: Always keep in mind that gardening should not be done on days when there is no garden symbol in the lunar calendar.

Position of the moon crucial

Gardening after the moon is an ancient tradition that has determined individual outdoor activities for centuries. In the past in particular, people paid much more attention to the moon and nature, so most of the tips are also ancient advice. This aspect plays an important role, especially in connection with pest control.

Everything that has to do with water or liquids should be influenced by the moon, so at least the assumption of all “moon gardeners”. It is always the position of the moon that is decisive for whether or not to cast. The moon stands, just like the sun, sometimes higher and sometimes lower. This position has nothing to do with the waxing or waning moon, which is often confused.

Examples of gardening after the moon

Book tip: The living garden
  • descending moon:
    good planting time for vegetables (including harvesting), perennials and trees
  • rising moon
    good harvest time for fruits, flowers and leaves

You can find out more about the connection between the moon and the garden in the book The Living Garden: Gardening at the Right Time - In harmony with the rhythms of the moon and nature read.