Caring for peonies - 2 tips

Caring for peonies - 2 tips

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Peonies like a sunny place

If you have peonies in the garden, you can count yourself lucky, because these great flowers produce really great flowers. Here are 2 tips on how you should take care of your peonies.

Eye-catcher in the garden
The peony is one of the spring bloomers. Hence the name. With their striking, large flowers, they are an eye-catcher in every garden. If you too want to enjoy the beauty of the peonies, then you should stick to our 2 tips for the care of the peonies.

Caring for peonies - 2 tips

  1. Peonies like a sunny place and a lot of space to spread out. If they get too big, they can also be divided. You should do this in the fall. Dig out the peony and divide it with the digging fork in the middle. Don't be surprised if she doesn't flower the following year, she needs this time-out because she doesn't really like to transplant.
  2. Peonies impress with their large, double flowers. But this also has the disadvantage that the flowers become very heavy and can easily snap off. Here you should support the plant. The best way to do this is with a flower ring that supports the plant.

By the way: If you want to enjoy the blossoms indoors, you can cut off the flowers of the peonies and put them in a vase. You do this when the flowers have opened up to half. If cut too early, the buds will no longer open, and they will soon wither away.


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