Child-friendly plants - you should pay attention to this

Child-friendly plants - you should pay attention to this

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Plant summer lilac

If you have children, you should also have child-friendly plants in the garden. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when it comes to plants.

The garden is the realm of children
If you have children, you probably don't have an ornamental garden at home. Clearly, the garden is the realm of kids. Here you can romp and play. The bigger the garden, the better. However, as a hobby gardener you do not have to do without the design of the garden. However, the focus should be on choosing the right plants.

Do not plant poisonous bushes and trees
It is quite clear that poisonous plants such as bushes and trees have no place in a garden with children. Berries like elderberry or firethorn may look nice, but the berries are poisonous. Here are great alternatives such as cornelian cherry or the apple berry.

Plant plants without thorns or spines
But what do children particularly like to do in a garden? Right, they like to go exploring and play hide and seek. No bush or hedge is spared here. When the plants have no thorns or spines. Otherwise the whole thing is no longer a pleasure. Therefore, you should avoid shrubs such as ornamental quince or barberry and prefer to use hornbeam or summer lilac. Risk of injury averted!


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