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Beware of poisonous houseplants!

Beware of poisonous houseplants!

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The poinsettia is poisonous

There are some houseplants that look very nice and that are also at home in many households, but are poisonous.

Poisonous plants in the house
Many do not know that some plants they have at home are poisonous, but this is especially important when there are young children in the house. So watch out! For example, the popular poinsettia is poisonous. It contains toxins, especially in the milk juice. But the cyclamen is also not non-toxic. Here you can find the substances in the bulb. And poison can also be found in the cup primrose. In sensitive people, the glandular hair can cause allergic reactions. The flamingo flower, the dieffenbachia, the klivia and various types of calla are also poisoned. The leaves are particularly poisonous here.

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Take children to the doctor
With normal use, the plants pose no danger at all. However, this changes when there are children in the house. Since it cannot be ruled out that the little ones sometimes taste of the plants, caution should be exercised here. If the children have eaten parts of plants, it is best to drink water immediately and go to the doctor. Otherwise, eating plant parts for children can have dire consequences. So, in any case, always go to the doctor if your child has consumed some of these plants.