Beneficial insects in the garden - they need certain temperatures

Beneficial insects in the garden - they need certain temperatures

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Beneficials are really great

If you want to control pests effectively and without the use of chemical agents, you should bring beneficials into the garden.

Do not use chemical agents
Pests not only make life difficult for the gardener in the garden, pests also feel comfortable on the windowsill, in the winter garden and in the greenhouse. You can fight them with the chemical club, but of course also with the relevant beneficial organisms, which is of course much more environmentally friendly.

Beneficial animals need certain temperatures
Beneficiaries, however, need certain temperatures to start working. So nematodes need at least 12 degrees. However, this temperature must exist in the soil, since these beneficial organisms become active in the earth. All other beneficials depend on the air temperature. The lacewing larvae hatch only when the temperature is not lower than 13 degrees. If predatory mites are used, the temperature is 16 degrees and the parasitic wasp needs up to 24 degrees.

Beneficial organisms have different characteristics
The beneficial organisms can also be used all year round. The specialist trade has these ready and can also explain the use. Because every beneficial animal has different properties that you need to know in order to be able to use it meaningfully. Otherwise, the whole thing brings nothing. Just try it out with beneficial insects. You will be amazed at what you can achieve without chemical pesticides.