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Buy spades - 2 tips

Buy spades - 2 tips

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The spade blade should be made of stainless steel

If you have a garden, you also need a spade. We certainly won't tell you anything new. If you have to buy a spade first, there are a few things you should consider.

Can you do something wrong when buying?
You may be wondering why we are doing this here, because when you buy a spade you can hardly go wrong. Oh yes, you can. Because here too you should pay attention to a lot.

Tip 1:
In principle, you should have two spades for your garden. If you have a small garden, a spade is enough. But why two? Well, you need a heavy model, with which you can carry out heavy and rough work such as extensive digging work when digging the ground or when planting trees or bushes, and a light model, also called lady's spade, which is used for general care of the garden is ideal.

Tip 2:
It is very important that when buying a spade make sure that the shovel is made of sturdy steel and surrounds the wooden handle very far. The higher, the more stable. Ash wood is preferred as the wooden handle because it is the most robust. If you use stainless steel spade blades, you have the additional advantage that they won't rust. It's best to get a spade with a flat shovel and one with a pointed shovel.