Wintering potted roses - 7 tips

Wintering potted roses - 7 tips

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Protect the plants with a fleece sack

Potted roses are welcome in the garden. Like the roses that are planted in the bed, they also grow and bloom beautifully. So that you can still bloom beautifully next year, you should overwinter your potted roses properly.

Potted roses in the winter garden overwinter
In the very cold temperatures in winter, potted roses often suffer great damage. Basically, your potted roses should spend the winter in the conservatory or in a protected place in the garden. But it's not just the location that is very important for wintering. We have put together 7 tips to help you get your potted roses through the cold season.

Wintering potted roses - 7 tips
Tip 1: Place a styrofoam plate under the pot and cover the plant with leaves or pine twigs.
Tip 2: Place the pots as close as possible to the wall, better still, in a corner to protect them from cold wind.
Tip 3: You should wrap the pot with a fleece from the outside, preferably several times, in order to create a good thermal cushion.
Tip 4: You can also use a fleece sack for wintering outdoors. You have to put this over the plant and the pot and tie it.
Tip 5: Pot roses should be cool, dark and protected from the wind in winter. A garage or the basement would be ideal for the roses, since the temperature there usually doesn't drop below 0 degrees and you don't have to do much.
Tip 6: A somewhat unconventional, but still quite effective method is to dig the roses and pot into the compost heap.
Tip 7: You should only remove the complete winter protection at the end of March.

With these tips, your potted roses should also come through the winter well.