Garden ornaments - how to set special accents

Garden ornaments - how to set special accents

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The most beautiful jewelry in the garden are of course the plants and flowers that bloom in the most amazing colors. But what would a garden be without various garden decorations?

Stone figures are particularly beautiful in one between plants

Use garden decorationsAs with people who like to adorn themselves with chains, earrings and brooches, a garden with various accessories is even more effective. Here we have selected three elements for you that are sure to look very nice in your garden:

  1. Stone figures: These cute garden companions fit into any type of garden. Whether wildly romantic, in country house style or as a showcase garden - stone figures always cut a good figure! Whether large, small, antique or modern, whether directly on the lawn, in the flower bed or under a bush - that just looks perfect.
  2. Balls: Here you can find stone balls that enrich the garden in different sizes on the ground, but also the so-called rose balls, which appear in all imaginable colors on sticks in the beds.
  3. Houses: Whether as a half-timbered house, as a farm or as a castle, these houses are ready to buy, but also as a kit - for the hobbyists among you. Looks really chic in every bed.