When summer flowers wither

When summer flowers wither

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When summer flowers wither

What would a garden be without lush summer flowers? Perennial and annual plants give themselves a rendezvous. But it always happens that summer flowers for some inexplicable reason hang their heads and close wither start.

Loosen and pour the soil
If it is due to excessive drought, the means to an end is simple: loosen the soil and water vigorously. However, not enough water is always the reason for this.

When animals or mushrooms are to blame
The wilting of summer flowers can also be triggered by animals or by fungi. Fungi, like caterpillars or other insects, can damage the roots through the soil and thus cause plants to wither and eventually die.

Discard sick plants
But what to do when the roots are infected? Then only digging out and disposing of the sick plants helps (disposal in the household waste, not in the compost). The earth should be examined for pests. If these can be found, then remove the earth over a large area - as far as possible.

If possible, adjacent plants should not be moved, as this could spread the pests in the garden unintentionally.


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