The right care for roses - 5 tips

The right care for roses - 5 tips

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Proper care is important

roses are the queens of flowers, so they need enough and above all the right care, When the roses start to bloom in May or June, the time has come to take special care of the great plants.

Our 5 tips for proper rose care:

  1. Faded rose petals should always be removed immediately to prolong the flowering phase.
  2. Watering regularly is also a requirement, but then only directly on the earth and never on the leaves. This way, fungal diseases are avoided.
  3. The earth also has to be worked on regularly and rather once too much than too little. Roses breathe through the roots, so they need a lot of oxygen. Therefore, loosen the soil regularly, preferably with a rose digging fork that consists of two prongs.
  4. Fertilization should no longer be used from July, but a layer of bark mulch is good for the roses.
  5. Oh yes, some roses form light green wild shoots. These should be removed immediately and directly at the root, as these can rob the rose of strength.

If you treat your roses like this, you will have a lot of fun with them.