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Mini golf in your own garden

Mini golf in your own garden

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Mini golf is also available for the garden

If you have a large garden and a lot of lawn, the following tip is certainly very interesting. How about a game Mini golf in your own garden? It does not work? Of course that is possible!

What equipment do you need?
Everyone knows mini golf. That is the game of golf on the course - in small size. And that's for the garden. It goes without saying. All you need is a little space, clubs, balls and the obstacles that the balls have to overcome. And you're ready to go.

Find a flat surface
Either you set up an entire course or you choose a piece of lawn on which you simply exchange the obstacles. This is great fun for the whole family. In order to be able to enjoy the leisure fun properly, you should choose a flat surface, a "mogul slope" is rather unsuitable.

You can find the equipment you need for this at a moderate price of less than 200 euros on the website Mini golf in your own garden - a dream comes true!