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What to do if a tree grows too big?

What to do if a tree grows too big?

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If moving into your own home was still combined with planting a small tree, this tree can develop into a real giant over the years. Chestnuts, linden trees, walnuts and beech trees often grow rapidly and can become a problem after a few years. But what to do when a tree grows too big?

The tree then not only visually overwhelms the house - shadows for the garden and water drainage for other plants also become a problem.

The specialist has to do it
If you have such a giant tree in your garden, you have to decide to clear it. The expert can cut the tree and remove branches that are too large or shorten them. The disadvantage is that the trees will eventually lose their natural shape. The optics often suffer considerably due to this regular pruning of the giant trees.

Inform before planting
In addition to clearing, the only way to protect yourself from unwanted green giants in your own garden is to get precise information, before planting, on how the final size of these trees develops.

Choose small types of trees
Small species, which are also beautiful in the house tree as the first planting of the garden, can be the mountain ash, the maple, the vinegar tree, the elder, the medlar, the quince, the ornamental apple and numerous other fruit trees. Even after decades, these do not prove to be annoying shade and water predators.