Pruning with summer lilac - how it works!

Pruning with summer lilac - how it works!

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The pruning should be done in spring

The summer lilac is very popular in the garden. Not only does it look beautiful with its flower umbels, it also ensures that some beneficial insects are attracted by its fragrance. Bees and butterflies in particular run wild on the nectar of the summer lilac.

The summer lilac grows mainly in shrubs, with the overhanging shoots forming the actual bush. On pruning may be required if the Buddleia should keep its compact shape as a shrub. For example, the bush must be cut back vigorously in spring, each time the buds are broken open. It blooms only on annual wood. So cut back every year.

That's how it works:

>> Cut the spring lilac back to about knee height in spring. This makes it nice and bushy and keeps its abundance of flowers.

>> You can remove all shoots, but you should not remove them as the shrub can suffer.

>> After winter, however, cut off any dead and sick branches. Ideally right at the beginning.

So the lilac can sprout again and bloom again. You can give yourself more pruning throughout the year.

TIP: It is not necessary to remove the withered flowers.

The summer lilac is actually an easy-care shrub that only needs to be pruned once, namely in spring.