Well-tended garden increases property value - How to get the best out of your garden

Well-tended garden increases property value - How to get the best out of your garden

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Order, play of colors and a feel-good factor - these are important criteria that make you want to buy at the first glance at a property. Here you will find 6 tips on how to skillfully stage your garden and thus increase the property value.

Imagine the following situation: You are looking for a suitable house with land for your family. Now you are standing in front of an object and the first glance is at the completely overgrown front garden. Would you like to see more now? Probably not.

The garden is the first thing that prospective customers see - the number one figurehead. Positive emotions must flow here. You must arouse the prospect's curiosity that he wants to see more of the terrain. A well-tended garden also increases the total value of your property. Gardening pays off after all.

Our 6 tips reveal what is particularly important and how you can prepare your garden quickly and easily for a visit.

Spice up garden for sale - 6 tips

Tip 1: mow the lawn

A lawn that invites children to play and run around should shine in bright green and look neat. So get the lawn mower out of the corner and give the lawn a fresh cut. (Reading tip: mowing the lawn - 5 helpful tips)

If some dark spots have spread, it is also recommended to sow a few new grass seeds here again.

Tip 2: Weed the terrace and sidewalks

The terrace is the new living room in the garden. In summer, many parties, barbecues and cozy evenings can be spent here. What impression does your terrace make on you when you look at it? Overgrown and boring? Then it's time to do something about it.

Remove tall weeds on the patio and all sidewalks. (Reading tip: remove weeds - our 4 best tips) Without weeds the terrace looks much brighter and friendlier.

Container plants or window boxes with flowering plants let the terrace shine even more in shine. A sun lounger also invites you to relax and linger. When you look at the lounger, your visitors are sure to dream of the coming summer on the terrace.

Tip 3: Use targeted lighting

The right lighting in the garden creates a special feel-good atmosphere. This is exactly what future homeowners want - they want to feel at home instantly and somehow.

With targeted use of lamps you can create fantastic lighting effects. Read more here: Illuminate the garden - 6 ideas for beautiful lighting effects

Tip 4: Flowers and plants are inviting

Blooming flowers, shrubs and plants look fascinating and are also inviting. An exceptionally flowering plant in the entrance area can spark great interest among amateur gardeners. You just want to know what else awaits you. Are there more of these rare plants to see? Are there any special flower beds or beds? With a beautiful plant, you will soon be captivated by plant lovers.

Of course, they do not necessarily have to be large spreading plants. Even small plant pots that stand under a tree or decorative window boxes can quickly attract attention.

Tip 5: decoratively hide garbage cans

Garbage cans in the yard don't look inviting, especially when they're overloaded. Hide your garbage cans stylishly behind wooden partitions. You can embellish these effectively with a little garden decoration or plants and nobody suspects at first glance that there is garbage behind them.

Tip 6: set accents

The first glance in the garden often reveals what the rest looks like. So that the appearance does not appear deceptive, you should use stylish accents. An old wooden wheelbarrow filled with plants offers a harmonious eye-catcher. An old water pump can also be a nice eye-catcher in a front yard. In summer you have several options to bring such highlights into the garden.

But if you want to sell your house and yard in winter, you don't have to do without such blasts. A snowman who welcomes the guests with a bobble hat, scarf and carrot nose will surely melt the visitors away.


If you want to sell your garden and house, you should look for the best highlights and perfect them in a targeted manner. The best thing to do is to stand in front of your property and let your eyes wander objectively over the individual areas. Do you see something that appeals to you? Do you feel comfortable? Would you buy the property if you were interested? You should ask yourself these questions again and again. What you don't like should be eliminated from the world as best as possible.
The above measures can be completed in one day, but can quickly increase the sales price by 10 - 20%!

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