Catch spiders but don't kill them - we'll show you how!

Catch spiders but don't kill them - we'll show you how!

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Spiders are useful animals

We know that spiders are useful animals and don't harm you, but many of us still don't like them to come too close to you - especially the thicker ones.

You can move around freely in the garden, as they usually don't bother you. But when they nest on the terrace, or in the garden shed, they often have no choice but to run away screaming and find a brave person who removes the spider.

Don't kill spiders

Some also hit it with the slippers or the fly swatter, but you shouldn't do that. There's another way. Spiders are not dangerous and rarely jump on you.

This is how you can catch the spiders

To remove a spider that comes too close to you, for example on the patio table or in the garden house, get a glass and a sheet of paper. Put the glass over the spider and slide the sheet of paper underneath it, find a safe place and release it again. And the spider problem is already solved.