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Plant an annual bed and full bloom every month

Plant an annual bed and full bloom every month

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An annual bed can be of any size

A garden is always something special, but if you want to come up with something to really surprise you don't have to think about it anymore, but should take a look at the idea of ​​the annual bed. Because that's really a great thing.

On Jahresbeet has a round shape and can be of any size. A diameter of one to two meters is ideal. This bed is now divided into twelve parts of equal size, which are to represent the individual months. And it can start plant walk. Each part of the bed receives the plants that bloom in that month. So this flower bed blooms all year round.

Our suggestion for planting:

January: Early spring cyclamen, pretty little pink flowers

February:Snowdrops, known to be white flowers

March: Amur Adonis florets, wonderfully yellow-orange blooming

April: Radiant anemone, lush, blue-violet flowers

May: Forget-me-not, very small, light blue flowers

June: Globeflowers, filigree, orange flowers

July: Gray cress, small white flowers

August: Autumnal, crocus-like, mostly purple flowers

September: Autumn anemones, different flower colors

October: Herbstastern, also available in all colors

November: Autumn chrysanthemums, red, yellow, blue, all colors included

December: Mini pansies, available in all colors

But of course you can also choose your own planting. Definitely a real eye-catcher!