Garden flooring - 3 tips for proper care

Garden flooring - 3 tips for proper care

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Loosen the soil in autumn

Every floor is different. One is more acidic, the other more calcareous, the next sandy, some loamy. And because this is the case, not everything grows everywhere.

Ideal if you can determine the pH value of the soil, because then you can also plant plants more specifically. If this is not possible, then you should consider at least three things that are necessary for floor care:

  1. fertilizer
  2. Fertilizer can never hurt. No matter what floor it is. That is why every soil should be treated with fertilizer in spring. Special fertilizer is also beneficial during the year and depending on which plants have been planted.

  3. bark
  4. A mulch layer has many advantages. Always apply a layer of mulch on the beds if necessary, this protects the plants, keeps the moisture and even reduces weed growth.

  5. loosen up
  6. In autumn every soil should be loosened up again. Especially when it is heavy, loamy soil. The coarse clumps stay that way over the winter. The frost makes them crumbly and loose. If the soil is sandy, the surface is only loosened up.

Three simple options that are good for any soil and make plants thrive even more beautifully.