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Softening irrigation water - With these 5 tips it will work

Softening irrigation water - With these 5 tips it will work

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Irrigation water is too hard depending on the region. So here are a few tips on how to soften irrigation water.

Above 8 ° dH there is an increased degree of hardness

From 8 ° dH there is basically only an increased degree of hardness and from 15 ° dH a hard water. You should generally not treat water with a degree of hardness above 21 ° dH for plant care.

But how do you find out how hard the water is? Quite simply: so-called indicator strips are available in the garden center. With these you can easily measure the hardness of your water. If the test shows that the water is too hard, you should use the tips below to soften the irrigation water.

5 tips on how to soften irrigation water

Tip 1 - hang peat bags in the irrigation water:

You can soften irrigation water, for example, by pouring the water into an appropriately large water container and hanging a bag of peat in it. For this purpose, you should ideally fill the peat into a worn nylon stocking. Depending on the container size, you may also need to use several peat bags.

Tip 2 - put wood in the irrigation water:

Alternatively, you can soften the irrigation water by placing a larger piece of wood in a water container.

Tip 3 - add vitamin C:

Irrigation water becomes significantly softer when you add pure vitamin C to the water.

Tip 4 - Mix tap water with well water:

On top of that, you can also mix conventional tap water with pure well water. So you also achieve a much better degree of hardness.

Tip 5 - boil the irrigation water:

You can boil tap water in small quantities for the purpose of plant irrigation at 60 degrees. With larger quantities, this method is certainly too expensive due to the electricity costs involved.


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