What is the best cutting height for lawn?

What is the best cutting height for lawn?

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What is the best cutting height for lawn? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, because it depends on various factors, which we will discuss here.

The height of the cut depends on the type of lawn, it is not possible to cut the lawn without mowing. But which cutting height is the best for lawn? If the lawn is cut too deep again and again, then the plant is deprived of the chance to develop shoots and the death of larger areas on the meadow is the result of this consistent cut.

Cutting height for decorative lawns

Only the ornamental lawn, which is usually made up of red fescue and ostrich grass, can postpone a cut to a length of two centimeters. In order for the decorative lawn to thrive, the crop has to be removed afterwards.

Cutting height for playing grass

For lawn, which is usually used as a robust plant in the garden, the cutting height should be in a range from 3.5 to 5 centimeters.

Lawn in the shade

A cut height of six to seven centimeters is optimal in shady areas.

Cutting height in hot periods

An important aspect for the correct cutting height is the recurring heat period. If it is particularly hot and not raining, leave the lawn for a little longer and mow less often. This gives the floor more shade and prevents it from drying out. If the lawnmower is used again, the lawn may be shortened by a maximum of half.

Cutting height before and after the vacation

This rule also applies to the vacation phases. After the vacation, the cut should only take place in stages and the cutting height should always be reduced a little after a few days. Once the desired height of the lawn has been reached after the holiday, a regular cut is required again.