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So the hedge becomes opaque

With a hedge in particular, one is often reluctant to prune it and cut it back. But that's exactly what you should do if you want an opaque hedge. It hurts sometimes, but you will soon realize that it is just right for your hedge. Just as you do with solitary bushes to stimulate growth, you also cut back the hedge every year.
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Garden Tips

Plant espalier fruit - this is how it's done

Espalier fruit grows up every wall of the house. If the garden is very small but you don't want to do without fruit, it is advisable to plant espalier fruit. Espalier fruit covers house walls, espalier fruit clings to every wall, even if the location may not be so favorable. It is well protected by the wall and will thrive.
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Elderberry: cultivation, care and recipe for elderflower syrup

Since the drink “Hugo” has been booming, many people want to grow elderberries themselves. Here are some tips on growing and caring for them and also a recipe for elderflower syrup. Elderberry is more than just a shrub Every year between May and June, white-yellowish elder umbels bloom on the elderberry bushes, which grow up to 7 meters tall.
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Bedding plants

Diseases of soft fruit - how to fight them

Berries only taste delicious if they are healthy In almost every garden you can find berries such as Find strawberries or raspberries. They can also be affected by diseases. You can find out about the diseases of soft fruit here. Diseases and pests on soft fruit Berries only taste delicious when they are healthy.
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Ideas & inspiration

Flower colors and their meaning - we will clarify them

Do you have a garden? If so, do you know the flower colors and what they mean? No? Well, we'll quickly clarify this here. Say it “through the flower” The variety of colors of the flowers in our garden beds is inexhaustible and that is precisely why people have assigned flower colors to different meanings for many centuries.
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